Here you can find professional-production quality videos of our past cafés. Special thanks to Amherst Media for providing the training, equipment, and editing for our cafés! Our cafés are broadcast on their public access channels and are also available on their YouTube page. All recent cafés held via zoom are on our YouTube page.

Urban trees, rising degrees and tissues in leaves

with Dr. Jess Gersony

Dirty Details: Soil Microbial Adaptation to Climate Change

with Dr. Kristen DeAngelis

Mini Movers & Shakers: A Panel on Cell Biology

with Drs. Marc Edwards, Katrina Velle, and Arif Ashraf

The Stories Weeds Tell Us: The Evolution of Weedy Rice

Las Historias que nos Cuentan las Malezas: la evolucion del arroz maleza

with Dr. Ana Caicedo

Going Viral: The battle between host cells and herpesviruses

with Dr. Mandy Muller

Cosmic Curiosity: Bridging Science and Religion across different worldviews

with Dr. Salman Hameed

Ecología de las abejas: Una mirada a las abejas carnívoras y el rol de las flores en la transmisión de enfermedades

con la Dra. Laura Figueroa

Extreme evolution: Taking traits to their limit 

with Dr. Jeff Podos

Big data to solve big problems: Large Scale Perspective on Invasive Species and Climate Change

with Dr. Eve Beaury

Dirt cheap? Sifting through the rich microbial diversity of forest soil

with Dr. Lauren Alteio

A fish with many masks: how the environment shapes an animal’s characteristics

with Dr. Dina Navon

Disrupting nature’s calls: Urbanization and the Struggles of Backyard Birds

with Dr. Aaron Grade

Hot for Herring: How Climate Change is Impacting Fish and Us

with Lian Guo

Rats and Ritalin: Sex Differences in Attention

with Emma Dauster

The evolution of coral companions

with Dr. Raul Gonzalez-Pech

Let’s talk about gender identity

with Dr. Elias Capello

Yeast your eyes on this: Breaking down the mysteries of enzymes

with Dr. Yadilette Rivera-Colon

Don’t kale my vibe: How fungi make plants sick

with Dr. Li-Jun Ma

Your Childs Brain: How We Learn to Trust and Navigate Our World

with Dr Carrie Palmquist

Miracle drugs, fancy fragrances, and deadly poisons

with Dr. Sibongile Mafu

What’s bugging the bees?

With Dr. Rosemary Malfi

Is There Anyone Out There? The Search For Other Habitable Worlds In The Universe

With Dr. Abel Mendez

How Cities Domesticate Nature (And What It Means For Us)

With Dr. Paige Warren

Paleontology: New Insights From Old Bones

with Dr. John Rowan (May 2020)

Life Science Cafe COVID-19 Panel

with Dr. Linda Tropp, Dr. Andrew Lover, and Dr. Matt Moore (May 2020)

Your Dinner’s DNA: How Genes Reveal the History of Crops

Coming soon….

with Dr. Hamid Razifard (May 2019)

Itchy Eyes Warming Skies: Climate Change and Human Health

Coming soon….

with Dr. Jennifer Albertine (April 2019)

What’s Bugging Our Trees? Perilous Pests

with Dr. Hannah Broadley (March 2019)

The Origins of Future and Language Panel

with Panelists (February 2019)

Do You See What I see? Evolution of Sensing Light

Coming soon….

with Dr. Desmond Ramirez (December 2018)

Growing Together: Microbes, Humans, and Food

Coming soon….

with Dr. David Sela (November 2018)

Beyond the Gene

with Dr. Dina Navon (October 2018)

The Science of Addiction

with Dr. Davis Moorman (September 2018)

Why Soils Are Super

with Panelists (May 2018)

Communicating Controversial Science

with Dr. Ezra Markowitz (April 2018)

Backyard Extinctions: the Plight of the Puritan Tiger Beetle

No video available.

with Dr. Rodger Gwiazdowski (March 2018)

Dangerous Liaisons: Pollinators, Herbivores, and the Quirky Sex Lives of Plants, with Laura Doubleday (May 2017)

Stretching the Energy Budget: the Mechanics of Slingshots and Tendons, with Dr. Mike Rosario (April 2017)

A Day in the Life: Stories from Your Neighborhood Biologists, with Dr. Patty Brennan, Jeff Boettner, and Dr. Alison Roy (February 2017)

Neighborhood watch: social eavesdropping in birds, with Sarah Goodwin

Bird brain: the science of learning songs, with Dr. Luke Remage-Healey

A bat’s guide to strange sex, with Dr. Teri Orr

Builders, farmers, and relationship cultivators: how ants are more like us than you think, with Scott Schneider

In search of the genes that make us human, with Dr. Courtney Babbitt

Oddball Science: Why do we study weird things, with Dr. Patty Brennan

Science Shorts

Welcome! Can’t get enough science at our cafes? Check out our bite-sized doses of science right here!

This week our Almost Doctors Dina and Skye talk about domestication in foxes. You’re going to want to watch this.

We’re hitting you with more science! Check out the second installment of our Science Shorts with The Almost Doctors: Dina Navon & Skye Long. This week they’re talking about ants, legos, and tiny robots!

The Almost Doctors: Dina Navon & Skye Long tell you what you need to know about the impending ant invasion in the first Science Cafe Short – Argentine Ants!