Previous Cafes

Here you can find footage from our past cafés.  Check out events from years gone by, re-visit students and faculty who have moved to other places, or track down that niggly little fact you can’t quite seem to remember beyond “right, that was really cool!!!”

Our videos are now being posted on through the Amherst Media YouTube page, as they are the ones currently filming and editing the footage for us.  Many thanks to Amherst Media for this!  Please feel free to watch, share, etc. regardless.  🙂

Why Soils Are Super

with Panelists (May 2018)

Communicating Controversial Science

with Dr. Ezra Markowitz (April 2018)

Backyard Extinctions: the Plight of the Puritan Tiger Beetle

No video available.

with Dr. Rodger Gwiazdowski (March 2018)

Dangerous Liaisons: Pollinators, Herbivores, and the Quirky Sex Lives of Plants, with Laura Doubleday (May 2017)

Stretching the Energy Budget: the Mechanics of Slingshots and Tendons, with Dr. Mike Rosario (April 2017)

A Day in the Life: Stories from Your Neighborhood Biologists, with Dr. Patty Brennan, Jeff Boettner, and Dr. Alison Roy (February 2017)

Neighborhood watch: social eavesdropping in birds, with Sarah Goodwin

Bird brain: the science of learning songs, with Dr. Luke Remage-Healey

A bat’s guide to strange sex, with Dr. Teri Orr

Builders, farmers, and relationship cultivators: how ants are more like us than you think, with Scott Schneider

In search of the genes that make us human, with Dr. Courtney Babbitt

Oddball Science: Why do we study weird things, with Dr. Patty Brennan