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Moen, “Deja vu: Repeated forms in evolution”

Goodwin, “Neighborhood watch: Social eavesdropping in birds”

Orr, “A bat’s guide to strange sex”

Schneider, “How ants are more like us than you think”

Babbitt, “Genes that Make us Human”

Adler, “Sex and drugs and plants and bugs”

Brennan, “Oddball Science”

Wang, “Dietary Habits of Black Holes”

Hof, “Mortal Combat”

McCormick, “To the Sea! (and back again)”

Bradley, “Live Wires: Bacterial Batteries”

Long, “How to Scare a Spider”

Bradley, “Some Like it Hot”

Gillis, “Brace for Impact!”

Patek, “Speed: Life in the Fast Lane”

Katz, “Microbes Shake the Tree of Life”

Eiting, “Smell: the Secret Sense”

Partan, “Beyond the Chatter: Adventures in Animal Communication”