Celebrating 10 years of bringing science to you!

Welcome back to another great (and very special!) season of Life Science Cafe! This year as we are celebrating 10 years of Life Science Cafe we will be bringing back some familiar faces from Life Science Cafe history. Join us as we welcome this season’s speakers all of whom where prominent members and leaders of Life Science Cafe through the years!

Save the dates!
Life Science cafe
Where are they now?
Science cafe Alumni edition
When: 6-7pm EST
Where: Zoom webinar
09.23 Emma Dauster
UMass Amherst
Neurological sex differences in attention disorders
10/21 Lian Guo
UMass Amherst
Climate impacts on fish ecophysiology
11/18 Dr. Aaron Grade
Clark University
Backyard biodiversity and human-wildlife interactions
12/16 Dr. Dina Navon
Rutgers University
Evolution of development in fish
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Mayday! Mayday! It’s our last cafe of the semester!

I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather! The Life Science Cafe team are here to announce our last cafe of the semester-The Evolution of Coral Companions with Dr. Raul Gonzalez-Pech! It’s shore to be an interesting one!

Please register here. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

The evolution of coral companions
Coral are famous for their beauty, but did you know that one coral is actually many creatures living in a colony?
Their striking color comes from algal partnerships that evolved to an incredible complexity that we're still trying to understand today. Join us as we discuss the evolution of corals and their microbial friendships with Dr. Raul Gonzalez-Pech.
Zoom Webinar Thursday May 20th 
6pm EST

April showers bring us our next cafe!

Hello everyone, 
We’re excited to welcome Dr. Elias Capello for our next Life Science Cafe of the season on this Thursday April 22nd at 6pm EST! Please register here. Hope to see you there!

Also, keep an eye out our for our last cafe of the season on May 20th with Dr. Raul Gonzalez-Pech where we’ll talk about the evolution of corals and their microbial friends! In the meantime, remember to keep your friends close, and your anenomes closer!

Let's talk about gender identity
Or both? The blurred lines between sex and gender have influenced many aspects of our society, science and culture-in good ways and in bad.
Biology resists categorization and gender identity is far more vast than what can be encompassed by a binary view. Join Dr. Elias Capello as they discuss the scientific and social definitions of sex and gender and how they impact your peers and you.

Resources from Dr. Carrie Palmquist’s ‘Your Child’s Brain’ café

Thank you everyone for joining us for our latest café ‘Your Child’s Brain: How We Learn to Trust and Navigate Our World’ with Dr Carrie Palmquist! We had a lot of great questions that brought up some resources we would like to share with everyone as well as a video that we were unable to share within our timeframe.

Resources from Dr. Rosemary’s ‘What’s bugging the bees?’ café

Thank you everyone for joining us for our latest café ‘What’s bugging the bees?’ with Dr Rosemary Malfi! We had a lot of great questions that brought up some resources we would like to share with everyone.

What effect does Copper Sulfide and other pesticides have on bees?

How can we help Pollinators?

How you can help pollinators:
Plant flowers! (natives are best)
Make sure they are free of pesticides
Mow your lawn less often to allow wildflowers (e.g. clover) to grow. Every 2-3 weeks is recommended
Bee-friendly farming practices
support conservation organizations like the Xerces Society, which will work to promote pollinator health 
Links to Xerces Society, UMass extension, and western mass pollinator network are below the image

How can I safely get rid of carpenter bees without using dangerous chemicals?

Please join us to learn the buzz about bees with Dr. Rosemary Malfi!

Our second café of the semester is the place to BEE! Join us and Dr. Rosemary Malfi to talk about what’s bugging the bees!

Link to webinar; https://umass-amherst.zoom.us/w/91487864665?tk=4Bba8P02B5Xhryw4N1Ss1IDB2P5EQ9A3cEoCA0R-Gzc.AG.XdNl_dbDbOtCA78-wIsGKKGwCo4zsHmZvPcNP79IdV56ZL1PU07mRZX0D18rbCbXR7px6a2XnUDTqvPOQ64oCBRnpKnhi12s.MjRJvN8Uw-1QwVJNaSdLqA.J_NITCPvY-A2lVK1&uuid=WN_p8rERDWOR4i5gqFhDovTxQ