Dr. Lian Guo

Title: Hot for Herring: How Climate Change is Impacting Fish and Us

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, but maybe not for long… Rapidly changing oceans are reshaping where fish can live – affecting millions of jobs, food sources for billions, and our biodiversity! Join us for our talk with Dr. Lian Guo about how our fishy friends are affected by climate change and how we can help fish and people adapt for a warmer future.

 Lian is currently a PhD Candidate in the Organismic and Evolutionary Biology program at UMass Amherst and will be defending her dissertation in December. Lian was involved in Science Cafe for five years including two years as president. (Note from 2022: Congratulations on your successful defense Dr. Guo!)

Missed our event? Dont overheat! We have you covered, here is a recording of the event: