Dr. Mandy Muller

Title: Going Viral: The battle between host cells and herpesviruses

We are going into the microscopic world ov viruses with Dr. Mandy Muller who is joining us to discuss her work exploring how viruses create major changes in the host cell environment and how, in turn, the host cell reacts to these viral takeovers.

Dr. Muller is a long time UMass professor in the Microbiology Department who’s lab studys the KSHV, a type of herpesvirus you will be learning all about this cafe! Born in France, Dr. Muller got her PhD at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France in Virology and did PostDoctoral work at UC Berkeley. She also is an accomplished artist who gets a lot of her inspiration from her work in the research lab.

If you missed this cafe: dont worry here is our recording!