Dr. Hamid Razifard

Title: Your Dinner’s DNA: How Genes Reveal the History of Crops

Blurb: Ever think about where your food comes from – we mean, really comes from? Join Dr. Hamid Razifard to hear how he uses DNA ancestry technology to uncover the history of tomato domestication. We will also explore humanity’s past with other crops while explaining the genomic science behind these discoveries.

Dr. Hamid Razifard was a postdoc at UMass in the Caicedo lab and is currently doing a post doc at Cornell. His research focuses on providing insight into traits that have been artificially selected, lost, or diminished through domestication in crops, specifically tomatoes and eggplants.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hrazifard?lang=en

If you’re anxious to chow down on this café, you won’t need to forage for it-the video is right below!

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