Dr. Dina Navon

Title: A fish with many masks – how zebrafish can change their shape on a dime in response to the environment

Can a fish change on a dime in response to environmental changes (cues)? Phenotypic plasticity allows organisms to respond to their environment without having to wait for the long process of evolution. Join us as we talk with Dr. Dina Navon about her work on the genetic basis of appearance and behavior, one fish at a time…

Dr. Dina Navon is a Umass Organismic and Evolutionary Biology alumna and currently an INSPIRE Fellow at Rutgers. And a Life Science Cafe alumna. While at Umass Dr. Navon both worked to plan and host the cafes and also gave us a Cafe on her PhD work.

Missed the cafe? Don’t worry we have you covered! Here is a recording of our event: