Dr. Abel Méndez

Title: Is there anyone out there? The search for other habitable worlds in the universe

Blurb: Boldly going where no science café has gone before! Join Life Science Café and Professor Abel Mendez, Director of the Planetary Habitability Lab, all the way from the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo, as we talk about the possibility of life on other planets

Professor Abel Méndez is a planetary astrobiologist and director of the Planetary Habitability Laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo Observatory. His goal is to “map the habitable universe”, that is, identify good places for life beyond earth.

Please check out his lab website and twitter for more information!

Lab website: http://phl.upr.edu/about/abel_mendez

Twitter: https://twitter.com/profabelmendez

If you missed this café, you don’t need to go to a galaxy far far away to see a video of it-it’s right below! It’s out of this world good!