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Science Cafe 3/21 – Perilous Pests and the Future of Our Forests **Returning to Nacul Center**

Please note we will be returning to The Nacul Center for the remainder of the spring cafes! While we were trying to improve the accessibility of Life Science Cafe for all audience members by trying a new venue, we felt that these issues were not resolved in the new space. These sentiments were echoed in the audience feedback we received after our February cafe. We apologize for the last minute change in venue and thank you for your understanding. If you have any suggestions for spaces that are free/inexpensive and would fit our audience of 50-70 people, please send them our way (!

Mar19Cafe-01 (1).png

Correction from the September Cafe

Dr. David Moorman wanted to add a correction to an erroneous statement from the last cafe (9/13 – The Science of Addiction). Also, feel free to visit this website for the latest information on opioid treatment:

When he answered an audience member’s question about drugs to treat opioid addiction, he meant to describe the mechanism of action of methadone (which is an opioid receptor agonist that is used for treatment). He accidentally gave a description of naloxone (which is an opioid receptor antagonist that is used to prevent overdose, and is sometimes used for treatment). For the most up to date information on treatments for opioid addiction, please visit this link. Dr. Moorman regrets the mistake and wanted to correct the record.

Thank you Dr. Moorman for your correction and for an excellent talk!