Resources from Dr. Eve Beaury’s Café

Thank you everyone for joining us for our latest café ‘Big data to solve big problems: Large Scale Perspective on Invasive Species and Climate Change’ with Dr. Eve Beaury! We had a lot of great questions that brought up some resources we would like to share with everyone:

If you have further questions please feel free to contact Dr. Beaury


twitter: @evecologist


Whats all the buzz about?¿De qué se trata todo este alboroto?

We are very excited to announce a brand new event brought to you from a partnership between Life Science Cafe and SACNAS (Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science)! We are hosting our very first cafe entirely in Spanish! (Live Audio Translation to English available!) 
Estamos emocionades de anunciar un nuevo evento traído a ustedes, ¡una colaboración entre el Café de Ciencias Biológicas y el capítulo de SACNAS en UMass Amherst! Estaremos presentando nuestro primer café completamente en español (Con traducción a inglés en vivo disponible).

Life Science Cafe was founded on the idea that science is for everyone and it should be available to everyone! Join us on Thursday, May 26th at 6pm EST, in our foray back into the world of bees with Dr. Laura Figeuroa as we talk about our pollen hungry (and maybe meat hungry!?) buzzing friends.
El café de Ciencias Biológicas fue fundado con la idea que la ciencia es para todes ¡y debería ser accesible para todes! Acompáñenos Jueves, 26 de Mayo, a las 6pm EST mientras incursionamos en el mundo de las abejas con la Dra. Laura Figueroa y hablamos sobre la hambruna por el polen (¡¿y quizás la hambruna por la carne?!)  

Big data to solve big problems: Large Scale Perspective on Invasive Species and Climate Change

Welcome back to another great Life Science Cafe! This month we are so excited to welcome back another familiar face: Dr. Eve Beaury. She will be talking about her work using big data to understand climate change, invasive species, and other drivers of global biodiversity loss.

Please join us in learning about her research on Thursday, March 31st at 6pm EST. Please register here.

Dirt cheap? Sifting through the rich microbial diversity of forest soil

Welcome back to another season of Life Science Café 10th anniversary edition. We are starting off strong with a Life Science Cafe alumna here to talk about her work! This month we are so excited to welcome back Dr. Lauren Alteio. She will be talking all about her research on microbial soil diversity and how important our microscopic companions can be!

Please join us in learning about her research on Thursday, February 24th at 6pm EST.Please register here.

The 10th anniversary extravaganza continues!

Welcome back to another great season of Life Science Cafe! This year as we are continuing to celebrate 10 years of Life Science Cafe we will be again bringing back some familiar faces from Life Science Cafe history. As well as finishing strong with a brand new Life Science Cafe event (Look out for an email on that soon!) 
Join us this season as we welcome some amazing speakers!

Put your feathers together: Life Science Cafe is back with another owl-some talk!

Continuing with our 10th anniversary theme is another Life Science Cafe alumnus here to talk about his work! This month we are so very thrilled to welcome back Dr. Aaron Grade. He will be talking all about his research on our feathered friends and how your backyard could be a haven or a landscape of fear for your local wildlife.

Please join us in learning about his research on Thursday November 18th at 6pm EST. Please register here.