Antibiotics: Resistance is Futile

In February we hosted an Antibiotics themed Cafe with guest speaker Peg Riley.  Peg’s research focuses on the evolution of antibiotic resistance and methods to combat resistance.  She lead the audience through some hard facts about antibiotics.  Other highlights from this Cafe include huggable bacteria prizes, and singing graduate students.

The Big Chill: Surviving the Winter

In December, we were pleased to have local naturalist and author Charley Eisemen join us for our wintry-themed cafe.  Charley impressed the audience with his amazing winter photographs of invertebrates, answering the question everyone was wondering (“Hey, what do insects do in the winter?!”).

Our prizes at this Cafe also deserve special mention: bars of soap in ice-like colors, with plastic insects at the center!

Take it to the Limit: Adventures in the Extreme

Our first Science Cafe was held on May 24th.  We didn’t advertise this one – we wanted a test run of the concept with our harshest critics.  Ourselves, that is.  Jeff Podos was our guest speaker and delivered a *thunderous* talk in-between bouts of torrential downpour.  He did a fantastic job and we were almost sad to use him as a closed door cafe.  We’ll have to invite him back for an encore!

Note to selves – move all Science Cafes indoors.