Next Café – Thur Apr. 13th

Our next café of the semester is quickly approaching!  How do animals use energy more efficiently?  It turns out that a lot of the tendons in our bodies act like springs, helping us store energy and use it in a powerful way.  Come listen to Dr. Michael Rosario, OEB alum, creator of our favorite song, and current post-doc at Brown University, talk about his research into tendons and how they influence movement. Check out the event flier below:

updated April poster.jpg

Next Café – Thur. 3/9

Our next café following quickly on the heels of our last – next Thur. 3/9, we will be hearing from Dr. Lynnette Sievert from the UMass Anthropology department.  We’ll be talking about the evolution of menopause across species and and human cultures.  What does it mean to be a species that outlives the reproductive years?  Find out 3/9 at 6pm in the Nacul Center.  Check out the event poster below: