Dr. Mandy Muller Follow-up

Thank you everyone who joined us for our talk with Dr. Mandy Muller on her amazing work on herpesviruses. We wanted to make this follow up post to highlight a journal we discussed briefly in the café which did a highlight of Dr. Muller on twitter: the CellPress’ journal: Trends Voices. This journal’s goal is to “Amplify research and perspectives on important topics to drive science forward.” We wanted to highlight not only her highlight but the journal itself as we find their goal to “inspire action [and] to address the most pressing social and structural issues that hinder scientific progress” of great importance.

To learn more about the journal and to read some of their pieces please find them here: Trends Voices.

To see the highlight on Dr. Muller please see here: Trends: Muller Lab

Additionally, to see some of Dr. Mullers beautiful art head over to our Instagram where we have made a post to highlight some of her awesome pieces!