Going Viral with Dr. Mandy Muller

Learn about the battle between host cells and herpesviruses! This month we are inviting Dr. Mandy Muller! We will be discussing her work exploring how viruses create major changes in the host cell environment and how, in turn, the host cell reacts to these viral takeovers. 

Please join us in learning about her research on FRIDAY (not Thursday) November 18th at 6pm ET. Register here if you are virtually attending. Or come on by to the Amherst Women’s Club, 35 Triangle St., Amherst, MA 01002, there will be plenty of parking, seating as well as complimentary pizza and beverages! Please see our Accessibility Statement

Once again, this event will not be held on Thursday but instead on FRIDAY!
We hope the deviation from our usual time doesn’t keep you away 🙂