April showers bring us our next cafe!

Hello everyone, 
We’re excited to welcome Dr. Elias Capello for our next Life Science Cafe of the season on this Thursday April 22nd at 6pm EST! Please register here. Hope to see you there!

Also, keep an eye out our for our last cafe of the season on May 20th with Dr. Raul Gonzalez-Pech where we’ll talk about the evolution of corals and their microbial friends! In the meantime, remember to keep your friends close, and your anenomes closer!

Let's talk about gender identity
Or both? The blurred lines between sex and gender have influenced many aspects of our society, science and culture-in good ways and in bad.
Biology resists categorization and gender identity is far more vast than what can be encompassed by a binary view. Join Dr. Elias Capello as they discuss the scientific and social definitions of sex and gender and how they impact your peers and you.