Back again with another amazing scientist, Dr. Sibongile Mafu!

We at the Life Science Cafe team are very excited to present to you our next speaker of the season: Dr Sibongile Mafu who will be talking about her wonderful work on plants and the chemicals that they produce!

Please join us in learning about her research on Thursday November 12th at 6pm. Please register here.

Miracle drugs, fancy fragrances, and deadly poisons: how plants produce their remarkable chemicals
How is it that some plants can kill you while others can save your life? And others just smell good or look pretty? Join us while we try to make sense of the scents that plants make with Dr. Sibongile Mafu as we talk about her research into how plants produce their chemicals and what their uses are.
Thursday 11/12
When: 6-7 pm EST
Where: Zoom webinar
Details at:
Twitter: @lifescicafe