We are back with another great speaker, Dr. Rosemary Malfi!

We at the Life Science Cafe team are very excited to present to you our next speaker of the season: Dr Rosemary Malfi!
Please join us in learning about her research on Thursday October 29th at 6pm. Please Register here.

What's bugging the bees?
What makes a bee healthy or unhealthy? A bee's environment can have major effects on its health and the well-being of the entire colony. Join us as we discuss the buzz on bees with Dr. Rosemary Malfi. Learn how a bee's diet, as well as parasites and pathogens, can affect the health of its colony and how different landscapes affect bumble bees.
Thursday 10/29
When: 6 - 7 pm EST
Where: Zoom webinar
Twitter: @lifescicafe