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***Science cafe has moved! All our events will now be held at Amherst Brewing Company***

Science Cafe is back with our Spring Series! Check the sidebar to the right to see our complete Spring lineup. We hope to see you there!

DSC05412Déjà vu: Repeated forms in evolution, with Dr. Daniel Moen

Sometimes evolution can seem like a broken record, producing similar traits in different species over and over again. For example, dolphins and sharks have remarkably similar body plans, even though they are separated by over 400 million years of evolution. Join us for our next cafe to learn how and why evolution is so repeatable.

Details: Tuesday March 3rd from 6-7pm at Amherst Brewing Company. All Science Cafes are free and open to the public.

Upcoming Cafes

February 3 - Neighborhood watch: Social eavesdropping in birds, with Sarah Goodwin

March 3 - Deja vu: Repeated forms in evolution, with Dr. Daniel Moen

April 7 - Developing diversity: The role of nature and nurture in evolution, with Dr. Kara Powder

May 5 - Nature knows best: Biologically inspired technology, with Drs. Duncan Irschick and Al Crosby

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