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Fact or fiction: scientific literacy in the digital age, with panelists Alfred Venne, Dr. Craig Albertson, and Dr. Naila Moreira

Finding a scientific consensus on topics like vaccinations, climate change, GMOs, and other timely issues. We’ve gathered a diverse panel to help us navigate (mis)information broadcast to the public and learn how to make informed decisions about science.

Details: Tuesday December 8th 6-7pm at the Nacul Center (592 Main St, Amherst, MA). Click on the maps below to view larger. All Science Café events are free and open to the public. Want to learn something new? Come join us!

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Upcoming Cafes

Thursday October 8th
Gut feeling: fostering a diverse and healthy micro biome

Thursday November 5th
Spidey senses: super powered vision in a microscopic predator

Tuesday December 8th
Fact or fiction: scientific literacy in the digital age


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